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“All I Need is This Chair, Yoga”

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“The practice of yoga can change your life!” Have you heard that statement? I have — and truly believe it!”

While teaching yoga, I often had students who, for various reasons, could not get to the floor to practice the postures. (Injury, illness, hip/knee replacement, back issue, etc.) When I started modifying the postures using a chair for a prop, my students found they could continue to practice yoga and experience its many benefits.

From these modifications, “All I Need is this Chair, Yoga” came into being. My book focuses on proper posture and alignment, along with tips on the benefits of proper breathing. I think you will find a chair to be your perfect partner for safely practicing postures from either seated or standing positions. And after you’ve learned the poses, you’ll find the “Pose flows” in the back of the book to be challenging and fun. Expect a workout which will lead you to better balance,, flexibility, and strength. (As a bonus, you might find you are also more peaceful, relaxed, joyful, and self confident).

Perhaps you have a friend or loved one who would benefit from my book — or maybe you are new to yoga and looking for a safe way to start. My hope is that you will practice and share yoga regardless of whether you do it on your own or with the help of my book. I send my blessings to you on your life’s journey.



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Praise for this Book

Great book! I’ve been teaching yoga for several years and was recently asked to do a chair yoga class. My chair yoga experience is limited so I went shopping for a book. I’m glad I picked this one. Wonderful photographs and concise instructions. Large selection of postures. Very easy to put together a sequence using this book. The book is a great tool for yoga instructors as well as for individuals who are looking for a gentle home practice.  C. Bratton 

All I Need Is This Chair Yoga is a WONDERFUL book. I recently started up a chair yoga class at my church….and it has given me some wonderful ideas. It is also written from the heart – which brings an added uniqueness to it. Truly a great purchase.- Susan
Very good information, Lots of good illustrations. Will be perfect for putting together routines for Senior Classes.I won’t need to purchase any other yoga chair book, that’s for sure!    Catherine Laguna  

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