Yoga Classes


My Chair Yoga classes are offered at Wellspring Studio, 818 East Ashman, Midland MI.

Classes are drop-in with all supplies provided.   You’ll enjoy the opportunity to participate in this group of men and women who offer friendship and support while working toward common goals.   There are stories to be shared which are uplifting and inspirational.

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In addition to teaching Chair yoga, I also offer Gentle Yoga classes at Wellspring Studio.   Class begins with a short breathing meditation, followed by work on posture, flexibility, strengthening muscles, improving balance and stamina, and refreshing your heart and mind.  No previous experience is necessary and classes are all drop-in.

Private lessons for Chair or Gentle Yoga are available by appointment.

If you have recently suffered a physical, emotional, or spiritual setback you may wish to make and an appointment for a private Restorative Yoga session.   You’ll find this to be helpful in bringing about a calm energy, helping you to thoughtfully think through the challenge you are facing.

Praise for Chair Yoga and Classes

“Yoga has been wonderful for easing pain in my knees and hips while improving my balance.  Before starting yoga classes I had fallen twice and that was very scary.  After taking a friend’s advice to join Wilma’s class, yoga has become part of my daily routine.  The stretching of the muscles actually makes me feel taller, stronger, and more lean.”

Deb F. –  yoga student

“Simple, yet beneficial…gentle, yet challenging. Works for older men – golfers, too!”

Len S. – yoga student


“In the past several years I’ve had both knees replaced, lower back fusion, blod clots and breast cancer.  Chair yoga has enhanced my practice and I leave the chair class feeling limber and energized.

Bess D. – yoga student

“Chair yoga challenges us to live in the present moment while strengthening us inside and out.”

Chris F. –  yoga student

“Yoga is a priority in my life.  I breathe better, stand and sit taller, have more energy, flexibility, and better mobility.  Improved wellness of my body, mind and spirit creates gratitude for who I am in the present moment.”

Bev B. – yoga student

“Wilma’s guidance in using proper breathing when practicing poses (using props when necessary) helps us move with grace and ease as we age.  Her methods help alleviate aches whil gardening, golfing or any of life’s activities.”

Vicki S. – yoga student