About BOtree Beads


In my journey to make yoga a part of my life, meditation has lovingly made its way into my daily experience. I discovered that holding something in my hands while observing my breath helped me to center and focus.

In 2003, after reading Eleanor Wiley’s book, “A String and a Prayer”, I created a prayer strand to hold during meditation. It proved to be a powerful tool as I felt the comfort, warmth, and wisdom coming from its stones. I even assigned stones on the strand to special people in my life and often hold the stone, lifting a prayer of thanksgiving and remembrance

The strands are created from stones, beads, charms, and recycled jewelry. The jewelry comes from estate and garage sales, and also from friends who “gift” me with jewelry they no longer wear. These pieces get taken apart and reused. If you have a special piece of jewelry (perhaps one which belonged to a loved one), I would be happy to combine it with other items and weave it into a strand for you.

Please contact me if you are interested in one for yourself. The strands also make lovely gifts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and any special occasion. They are also helpful in times of disappointment, sadness, stress, or loss.

Ordering Custom Strands


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